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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 5 Issue 2 April-June 2019

  • Original Articles

    Evaluation of different Causes for Root Canals Failures in a known population

    Evaluation of stroke cases in emergency department- A clinical study

    Assessment of fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth using two different coronal restorative materials: A comparative study

    Evaluation of copper and zinc in Oral submucous fibrosis patients

    Comparative evaluation of efficacy of topical 5% amlexanox oral paste and 0.1% triamcinolone acetonide oral paste in the treatment of oral ulcers

    A Comparative Evaluation Of Oxaceprol And Diacerein In Osteoarthritis Patients

    Evaluation of lingual foramen in patients requiring dental implants- A CBCT study

    Attitude and knowledge about self medication among college students

    An Epidemiological Study on Contraception Adoption among Women Seeking Post Abortion Care in Department of Obstetrics And Gynaecology at a Tertiary Care Hospital, Bikaner, Rajasthan

    A Cross Sectional Study on Factors affecting the Use of Family Planning Methods among Women Seeking Post Abortion Care at a Tertiary Care Center

    A Study on Utilization of Blood and Blood Components at a District Hospital in Northern Rajasthan

    Assessment Of Cases Of Acute Coronary Syndrome In Patients- A Clinical Study

    Assessment of clinical profile of children suffering from migraine

    Assessment Of Effect Of Stress On Heart Rate Variability In Obese Subjects

    Clinico- pathological evaluation of cases of Peripheral T‑cell lymphomas

    Evaluation of utility of brush smears microscopy and cell block microscopy

    Assessment of the prevalence of rate of rejection of blood donors in a specific area

    Predictivity of mandibular third molar position as a risk indicator for pericoronitis- A prospective study

    Assessment of complications of tooth extraction- A clinical study

    Assessment of efficacy of two different local anesthetic solutions in patients undergoing dental extractions

    Retrospective Outcome Of Patients Undergoing Surgical Treatment For Trigeminal Neuralgia

    A comparative assessment of formocresol and mineral trioxide aggregate in deciduous teeth

    Analysis and Validation of Commonly Used Medicine Information Sources with Reference to WHO Essential Medicine List- An Observational Study

    Botulinum toxin in treatment of androgenetic alopecia in males

    Assessment of dyslipidemia in type II diabetes mellitus patients

    Assessment of cases of GERD in children- A clinical study

    Sleep pattern in children age ranged 6-14 years

    Assessment of cases of maxillofacial trauma in children

    Comparative Evaluation Of Efficacy Of Spinal And General Anesthesia In Patients Undergoing Emergency Cesarean Section

    To evaluate the effect of conducting media on efficacy of electric pulp test

    To assess the effect of crown lengthening on survival of endodontic treated teeth- A clinical study