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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 5 Issue 2 April-June 2019

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Botulinum toxin in treatment of androgenetic alopecia in males
Ankit Kapoor, Bhawna Kapoor

Background: Androgenetic alopecia is a common form of alopecia with multifactorial etiology. The present study was conducted to assess the effectiveness of botulinum toxin the cases of Androgenetic alopecia. Materials & Methods: The present study was conducted on 20 male patients aged 22–42 years with AGA visiting OPD. Diagnosis of AGA was based on clinical examination and trichoscopy. Botulinum toxin A 100 U was diluted in 1 mL normal saline. Insulin syringe of capacity 40 U/mL was used for injection, resulting in a concentration of 2.5 U every mark of insulin syringe. Patients were assessed periodically for improvement in their hair growth. It was graded objectively on a scale as 0, 1, 2, and 3 for poor, fair, good, and excellent. Results: 2 patients had poor response while 3 had fair response. No adverse effects were noted during the therapy. Conclusion: Authors found that botulinum toxin is an effective therapy for AGA management.
Key words: Androgenetic alopecia, baldness, botulinum toxin.

Corresponding Author: Dr. Bhawna Kapoor, Associate Professor, Department of Dermatology,  Mayo Institute of Medical Sciences Barabanki UP., India

This article may be cited as: Kapoor N, Kapoor B. Botulinum toxin in treatment of androgenetic alopecia in males. HECS Int J Comm Health Med Res 2019; 5(2):76-78.

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