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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 5 Issue 2 April-June 2019

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Clinico- pathological evaluation of cases of Peripheral T‑cell lymphomas
Sanjay Agrawal

Introduction: Peripheral T‑cell lymphomas (PTCLs) represent a heterogeneous group of non‑Hodgkin’s lymphomas. The present study was clinico- pathological evaluation of Peripheral T‑cell lymphomas. Methods: The present study was conducted on 56 cases of Peripheral T‑cell lymphomas of both genders. The study protocol was approved from institutional ethical committee. A basic panel of antibodies including CD3, CD2, CD5, CD7, CD4, CD8, Ki67, CD30, CD20, Epstein–Barr virus-latent membrane protein 1 (EBV-LMP1) were performed and additional immunostains such as CD56, Granzyme B, Alk-1, follicular helper T-cell marker PD1 were performed as necessary. Results: Out of 56 cases, males were 34 and females were 22. The most common type was PTCL NOS in 22, mycosis fungicides in 10, Cutaneous ALCL in 6, NK cell leukemia in 7, NK/T cell lymphoma in 3, angioimmunoblastic TCL in 2 and Hepatosplenic TCL in 6 cases. The difference was significant (P< 0.05). The most common location was lymph nodes in 21, oral cavity in 10, nasal cavity in 8, lung in 5, spleen in 7 and central nervous system in 5. The difference was significant (P< 0.05).Conclusions:Authors found that PTCL NOS was most prevalent form of PTCL in their study. Other variants were mycosis fungicides, Cutaneous ALCL, NK cell leukemia, NK/T cell lymphoma, and angioimmunoblastic TCL.

Key words: Immunostains, Non‑Hodgkin’s lymphomas, Peripheral T‑cell lymphomas

Corresponding author: Dr.Sanjay Agrawal , Associate professor, Department of Pathology Hind Institute of Medical Science Ataria, Sitapur U.P., India

This article may be cited as: Agrawal S. Clinico- pathological evaluation of cases of Peripheral T‑cell lymphomas. HECS Int J Comm Health Med Res 2019; 5(2):51-53.

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