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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 5 Issue 4 Oct-Dec 2019

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Assessment of prevalence of risk factors for cardiovascular disease among known population: an observational study
Garima Charak, Shruti Sharma

Background: Hypertension is fast becoming a major global health problem, with the world population with hypertension projected to increase to 29% by 2025. Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a major non-communicable disease contributing to mortality, morbidity and other non-communicable diseases. Hence; the present study was planned for assessing the prevalence of risk factors for cardiovascular disease among known population. Materials & methods: A total of 200 patients reporting for routine medical check-up were analysed in the present study. Complete demographic details of all the subjects were obtained. A self-framed questionnaire was framed and was given to all the patients. The questionnaire was made with the aim of extracting knowledge in relation to the personal habits and medical history. Blood samples were obtained from all the subjects and were sent to central laboratory for assessment of serum lipid profile. All the known risk factors of cardiovascular diseases were recorded and summarized in Microsoft excel sheet. Results: Obesity was found to be present in 48 patients, while alcohol habit and smoking habit was found to be present in 80 and 50 patients respectively. Dyslipidaemia was found to be present in 40 patients. Diabetes and hypertension was found to be present in 45 percent and 50 percent of the patients respectively. Conclusion: Various cardiovascular risk factors significant affect the general population. Key words: Cardiovascular, Hypertension, Risk factors

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