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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 6 Issue 2 (April - June), 2020

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Evaluation of prevalence and pattern of mandibular fractures in a known population
Atul Singh, Mudit Agarwal, Arun Prasad

Background: The etiology and pattern of mandibular fracture vary considerably among different study populations. Despite many reports about the incidence, diagnosis and treatment of mandibular fracture there is limited knowledge about the specific type or pattern of mandibular fractures. Material and method: A total of 120 patients were enrolled in this study who had reported to the maxillofacial surgery department of the dental college with a presentation of maxillofacial fractures and had received treatment for the same. All the demographic details of the patients were recorded from the hospital data. The cause, extent and pattern of fractures were also recorded from the clinical records of the patients. The radiographic records of the patients were also collected. Patients were divided into two age groups: Group1: Age between 18-35 years, Group 2: Age between 36-50 years. Results: In the current study it was seen that out of 120 cases of maxillofacial fractures there were 53 cases of mandibular fractures comprising of 44.14% of the total fractures. 37 out of 53 cases of mandibular fractures were seen in males whereas 16 out of 53 cases of mandibular fractures were seen in females. 75.47% cases of mandibular fractures were seen in the younger age group of 18-35 years. Dentoalveolar fractures were the most common type of mandibular fractures comprising of 33.96% of total mandibular fracture cases. Conclusion: Mandibular fractures are one of the most prevalent amongst the maxillofacial fractures. Among the mandibular fractures dentoalveolar fractures are the most common. These fractures are mostly seen in the young male population. Key words: Maxillofacial fracture, Mandible, Dentoalveolar

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