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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 6 Issue 1 Jan-March 2020

Original Articles

Prognosis of dental implants in diabetic and non-diabetic patients: A case-control study
Sidhant Sudan, Praveen Verma, Vinod Patel, Pramod Bhagat, Uttam Parmar, Anshul Sahu

Background: Dentistry has undergone many changes during the past quarter century. Diabetes mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder that leads to hyperglycemia, which raises multiple complications caused by micro- and macroangiopathy. Hence; the present study was undertaken for assessing the effect of diabetic status on the prognosis of dental implants. Materials & methods: A total of 20 diabetic patients and 20 non-diabetic patients were enrolled in the present study. Complete demographic details of all the patients were obtained. Only those patients were included who were scheduled to undergo prosthetic rehabilitation for missing mandibular first molar by dental implant procedures. Blood investigations were analyzed preoperatively and patients with uncontrolled diabetic status were excluded. All the patients were kept on postoperative follow-up for a time period of six months and success rate was assessed. All the results were recorded in Microsoft excel sheet and were analyzed by SPSS software. Results: Out of 20 patients of the diabetic group, dental implant success occurred in 18 patients while in the non-diabetic group, dental implant success occurred in 19 patients. However; non-significant results were obtained while comparing the prognosis of dental implants in between the diabetic and non-diabetic group. Abutment failure and peri-implantitis were the cause of dental implant failure in the diabetic group while abutment failure was the cause of dental implant failure in the non-diabetic group. Conclusion: Under controlled conditions, dental implants procedures had excellent prognosis in diabetic patients. Key words: Diabetes, Dental Implants

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