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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 6 Issue 1 Jan-March 2020

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Evaluation and comparison of the effectiveness of plain lignocaine and lignocaine with adrenaline on socket healing post extraction
Atul Singh, Mudit Agarwal, Arun Prasad

Background: The most reliable means of providing painless surgery is the effective administration of local anesthesia (LA), and profound infiltration of the local anesthetic agent is an essential fundamental factor for successful periodontal procedures. Hence; the present study was undertaken for comparing the effectiveness of plain lignocaine and lignocaine with adrenaline on socket healing post extraction. Material and method: 180 patients were included in this study who was supposed to undergo orthodontic extraction of premolar teeth. Demographic details of the patients were recorded and informed consent was taken. One side was assigned for lignocaine without adrenaline (study group) and the contralateral side for lignocaine with adrenaline (control group). Wound Healing was assessed on the 1st, 3rd and 7th post-operative days using modified Landry’s Wound Healing Index. All patients were reviewed for any postoperative complications during wound healing. Results: 81 out of 180 patients were males. 137 out of 180 patients were below 16 years of age. On the 1st post-operative day, it was observed that the mean modified Landry’s Wound Healing score of the study group and the control group was 4.58±0.481 and 3.23±0.583 respectively. On the 3rd post-operative day, score was 4.74±0.466 and 3.31±0.629respectively. . However, on the 7th post-operative day, the score was 4.89±0.203 and 4.86±0.241 respectively. A statistically significant difference was observed between the two groups on the first and the third day post extraction but not on the 7th day follow up. Conclusion: Plain lignocaine results in better wound healing in the initial post operative period as compared to lignocaine with adrenaline. Key words: Lignocaine, Adrenaline

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