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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 6 Issue 1 Jan-March 2020

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Ergonomic Application in Dentistry among Dental Students and Practitioners in Rajasthan
Aswathy Krishna, Lukka Jagadish

Background: Ergonomics can be defined as Ďan applied science concerned with designing and arranging things people use so that the people and things interact most efficiently and safelyí. Dental work poses some interesting ergonomic challenges. The current observational survey was conducted to evaluate the awareness, attitudes, and practice of ergonomics during routine dental procedures among undergraduates. Materials & methods: The study population consisted total of 260 undergraduates. The questionnaire was investigator developed, self-administered, and closed-ended. Study participants were given a format consisting of informed consent, instructions, and the questionnaire. They were given 30 minutes to complete the questionnaire. Pearsonís correlation analysis was used to assess associations between knowledge, attitude, and behaviour of study participants. Chi-square test was used to assess associations of age, sex, religion, and marital status with knowledge, attitude, and behaviour of study participants. Results: 95 were III year students, 71 were IV year students and 94 were interns. A questionnaire consisting of 14 questions was given to them and results were recorded. 69.2 percent of the participants were confortable with chair design. 51.9 percent of the participants always followed the correct operatorís position. 76.9 percent of the participants were aware of occupational hazards. 35.4 percent of the participants never heard of stretching exercises for maintaining fitness, while 24.6 percent of the participants occasionally performed these exercises. Higher incidence of pain was seen in females and interns. Conclusion: Every dental graduate should receive sufficient information in relation to ergonomics to be used during routine dental procedures. Hence; there is utmost need and requirement for the inclusion of ergonomics in the dental curriculum. Key words: Ergonomics, Dentistry

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