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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 6 Issue 1 Jan-March 2020

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Effect of Age on Dental Implants
Renu Gupta, Abhishek, Divya Vashisht, Bhavya Aggarwal, Bhuvaneshwari K

Aging is a global physiological phenomenon, and with the increase in life expectancy, the concern of geriatric patients with oral health has been enhanced .Age alone should not be used to exclude patient from being prescribed implants. Oral implant biotechnology appears to lend itself equally well to diverse prosthodontics applications in young and older adults and despite average tendency for slight amount of ongoing crestal bone loss ,both young and older adults should anticipate many years of implant prosthesis function in context of bone behavior pattern. Key words: Age, Dental, Implants

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