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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 5 Issue 4 Oct-Dec 2019

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Prevalence of oral manifestations in diabetic patients
Abhishek Choudhary, Hemant Sharma, Harsh Choudhary

Background: Diabetes is a growing health concern and a common chronic metabolic disease worldwide. Hence; the present study was conducted for assessing the prevalence of oral manifestations in diabetic patients. Materials & methods: A total of 50 diabetic patients were enrolled. Complete demographic details of all the patients were obtained. Blood samples were obtained from all the patients and glycaemic profile was assessed. Mouth mirror and probe was used and complete oral examination was carried out for assessing the incidence of diabetes associated oral lesions. Also, correlation of prevalence of oral lesions with duration of diabetes was assessed. Results: Xerostomia, periodontal pathologies, burning mouth syndrome and altered taste sensation were found to be present in 46 percent, 58 percent, 36 percent and 32 percent of the diabetic patients. While correlating the prevalence of oral lesions with duration of diabetes, non-significant results were obtained. Conclusion: Oral lesions are a common phenomenon among diabetic patients. Therefore; oral examination should be carried out in diabetic patients at regular intervals for controlling the severity of disease. Key words: Diabetic, Oral manifestations

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