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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 5 Issue 4 Oct-Dec 2019

Original Articles

Assessment of efficacy of Precontoured locking plates in patients with distal humerus fractures
Subeg Singh, Sandeep Singh, Amit Sharma, Mandeep Mittal

Background: The comminuted fracture of distal humerus has remained one of the most difficult fractures to manage. Hence; the present study was conducting for assessing the efficacy of Precontoured locking plates in patients with distal humerus fractures. Materials & methods: A total of 10 patients with distal end humerus fractures were enrolled in the present study. Complete demographic details of all the patients were obtained. The first aid treatment was given to the patients in the Emergency Ward in the form of back splintage, analgesics, antibiotics, antiseptic dressing and stitching of wound was done. Under general anaesthesia/ brachial block /regional anaesthesia, under all aseptic conditions proper painting and draping was done. Precontoured plating was done in all the patients. All patients were examined clinically and radiologically for assessing the outcome. Results: Road traffic accident was the main mode of injury found to be present in 80 percent of the patients. Mean duration of surgery was found to be 118.5 minutes. Mean time to complete radiographic union was found to be 13.2 weeks. Conclusion: Precontoured plating has significant clinical success which indicates that the technique is promising and warrants further investigation.

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