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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 4 Issue 3 July -Sep 2018

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Assessment Of Complications Associated With Various Anesthetic Techniques In Patients Undergoing Hip Replacement Surgeries: A Retrospective Study
Shamshir Kumar Sonker , Rajeev Kumar Das

Background: Hip replacement surgery (HRS) is one of the most successful and cost effective interventions in medicine. Choices of anesthesia include central neuraxial blocks (CNB), peripheral nerve blocks (PNB), general anesthesia (GA) or a combination of any two. Hence; the present study was undertaken to assess complications associated with various anesthetic techniques in patients undergoing hip replacement surgeries. Materials & methods:The present study included retrospective assessment of complications associated with various anesthetic techniques in patients undergoing HRS. Data records of a total of 100 patients were assessed. Complete demographic and clinical details of all the subjects were obtained. We also recorded the biochemical and hematological findings of all the patients from their record files. In relation to the surgical procedures, occurrence of complications was recorded. All the data was compiled in Microsoft excel sheet and were analyzed by SPSS software. Results:All the patients included in the present study were divided into four study groups on the basis of type of anesthesia technique; General anesthesia (GA) group, combined spinal epidural anesthesia (CSEA) group, Spinal anesthesia (SP) group and Lumbar plexus block (LPB) group. Men age of the subjects of the GA, CSEA, SP and LPB group was 64.3, 65.8, 64.8 and 65.9 years respectively. There were 50, 25, 15 and 10 subjects in the GA, CSEA, SP and LPB group respectively. Non- significant results were obtained while comparing the complications occurring in patients undergoing HRS by different anesthetic techniques. Conclusion:In patients undergoing HRS, in terms of complications, different anesthetic techniques can be used with equal efficacy. Key words: Anesthesia, Hip replacement, Surgery

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