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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume1Iissue 1 September-December 2015

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Knowledge, attitudes and behaviour towards antibiotic usage and its resistance among the general public of Shimla city: A pilot study
Dhadwal D, Sachdeva A

Background: Antibiotic resistance (ABR) or antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is an important growing global health issue which needs urgent addressal. Irrational antibiotics use is a major reason for the spread of AMR. Judicious use of antibiotics is the only solution to curb this problem. Aim: This study aimed to assess current knowledge, attitudes and behavior of general public of Shimla city towards antibiotic usage and reasons for resistance development which could serve as baseline data for future studies. Methodology: A study involving 200 respondents was conducted using a pre tested, semi-structured close ended questionnaire among general public in Shimla, from January to April 2015.Results: The study found that out of 200 respondents, 73% were familiar with antibiotics, 40% of them were familiar with AMR. 46 % of general public knew the side/adverse effects caused by antibiotics. 20% of the respondents correctly identified that antibiotics are indicated for the treatment of bacterial infection. Less than 20% of respondents were aware that AMR is due to irrational use of antibiotic. 72% of them believed that newer and costly antibiotics are more efficient.13% availed antibiotics as self medication. Incorrect knowledge regarding indication to use antibiotics for cold, diarrhea and fever for one day was 24%, 22% and 36% respectively. Conclusion: Educational interventions are needed to promote prudent use of antibiotics among the public to fill the gaps in terms of knowledge, attitude and practice regarding antibiotics use and its association with drug resistance. Enforcing antibiotic regulations at a national level is paramount targeting over the counter sale hence, reducing self-medication. Keywords: Knowledge; Beliefs; Antibiotics usage; Self-medication; Antimicrobial resistance

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