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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 4 Issue 3 July -Sep 2018

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Distribution Of Carious Lesions Amongst Subjects Reporting To Department of Endodontics of Institute
Vanita Gautam

Background: The study aims to evaluate the occurrence of type of dental caries and its gender predisposition based on classification of GV Black classification for dental caries. Material and Method: A sample of 250 adult patient was evaluated. Out of which 123 male and 127 female were selected at random from outpatient department of Conservative department.Result: A total of 845 carious lesions were detected from 250 patients on various surfaces of the tooth by the classification by GV Black. Following results were confirmed amounting to total as: Class I Buccal Surface 46 (5.5 %), Class I palatal Surface 52 (6.1 %), Class I Occlusal Surface 501 (59.4%), Class II Mesio-Occlusal (MO) 82 (9.7 %), Class II Disto-Occlusal (DO) 70 (8.3 %), Class II Mesio-Occlusal-Distal (MOD) 23 (2.7 %), Class III Mesial 19 (2.3 %), Class III Distal 24 (2.7%), Class IV 11 (1.3 %) and Class V 17 (2%) were reported. Conclusion: The study revealed that out of total caries lesions, the lesions which were diagnosed as class I according to GV Black’s classification were recorded the maximum in number that too seen most in females as compared to males. Keywords: GV Black caries classification, Diagnosis.

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