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Harsukh Educational Charitable Society International Journal of Community Health and Medical Research

Volume 3 Issue 2 April-June 2017

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A Comparative Analysis Of Retentive Qualities Of Hard Chairside Relining Materials On Maxillary Denture Base - An In Vivo Study
Renu Gupta, R.P. Luthra , Deepak Gautam

Background: The present study was to compare the retentive qualities of two hard chair side relining materials Abstract on maxillary denture base, and compare the retention of relined and un-relined denture. Material and method: Twenty healthy subjects with edentulous maxillary ridge and good oral hygiene and a complaint of loose denture were selected as a part of this study. After using the old denture as denture base, three new denture bases were fabricated for each subject and then these denture bases were relined using materials B and C. A specially designed retention apparatus consisting compact force gauge was used to measure the retention values of denture bases before and after relining with three hard chair side relining materials. Results:There was a statistically significant increase in retention of denture bases after relining with material B, C as compared to the retention of old denture base (A). Among all the relining materials, material (C) has shown best results.Conclusion: Relining the denture bases with hard reliners significantly improved the retention of the denture base. Further studies with time based functional analysis on clinical performance of hard relining agents especially as related to colour stability, resistance to fracture and surface condition are required. Keywords: Basal surface, Denture base, Hard Reliner, Retention,

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