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Volume 2 Issue 2 April-June 2016

  • Contents

    Editorial Desk

    Knowledge Management in Health Care Sectors

    Dr. Parveen Sharma

    Original Articles

    Influence of Place and Mode of delivery on Initiation of Breast feeding Practices in Urban and Rural Area of District Ambala, Haryana

    Harshdeep Joshi, Yash Mitra , Gurmeet Singh

    Clinico-mycological Profile of Dermatophytic Infections at a Tertiary Care Hospital in North India

    Monika Kucheria, Sunil Kumar Gupta, Deepinder K Chhina, Veenu Gupta, Deepika Hans, Khushman Singh

    Hearing Screening in Primary School Children: An Overview

    Mohit Ojha, Satish Kumar, Aparna Nandurkar

    Vertigo in ICF Framework: A Pilot Study

    Richa Arya, Pooja Thawani, R. Rangasayee

    Need of Hearing Assistance Technology (HAT) for Adults with Hearing Impairment

    Satish Kumar, Navneet Gupta R Rangasayee, Ratul Dey, Tijender Kumar

    Comparison of Locus of Control Behaviour Scores in Normal and Individuals with stuttering A new way to Approach Stuttering Disorder for Speech Language Pathologists

    Sachin B. Kumbhar, Dipti Gupta

    Comparative Study of Serum Lipid Profile Parameters for Oral Cancer and Non Oral Cancer Patients

    Tarun Vyas, Rangoli Bhargava, Ashish Sharma

    Review Articles

    Correlation of Dermatoglyphic Interpretation with Oral Diseases- Revisited

    Amit Manik,Mitesh Parekh, Rajat Varshney, Tarun Vyas

    Giant Cells in Health and Disease-A Review

    Sonal Gupta, Harshminder Kaur, Parvind Gumber, Nida Fahmi, Kanchan Sharma, Arvind Gumber

    Glaucoma: Risk Factors and Prevalence: A Review

    Shaurya Sharma , Harpriya Singh

    Behavioral Screening Tests to Detect Hearing Loss in School Aged Children: A Review

    Ratul Dey, Jai Lal Davessar, Satish Kumar,Tijender Sharma

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